10 Important Items That Don’t Come With New Homes in Atlanta

New Home In AtlantaI’m often asked about standard features of new homes in the Atlanta market. I’ve worked with many home buyers who are surprised when they write a contract to build a new home, and find that many ordinary items that they would have expected are not included in the price of the home.

Types of new home communities

In order to understand what is included as standard features with new homes in Atlanta, you must first understand whether you are building in a custom home community, or a tract home community.  A custom built community generally sells in a higher price point than a tract home community. The list of standard features provided by a custom builder is understandably longer, the quality of standard finishes is a higher quality, and the floor plans are more varied, or customized, than what you get from a tract home builder. Today we’ll talk about some types of finishes and features that are often not included in the base price of a tract home. What you get from a custom builder is a whole separate blog article.

10 important items you may not get with new homes in Atlanta

Different builders have different policies about what they will provide in the base price of their homes. When you visit a community’s sales center, be sure to ask for a list of standard features, and compare it to what you get from other builders of new homes in Atlanta. Every builder is different, and your builder may include the items below, but you should be prepared to pay extra for these items with many builders, or you may have to pay a premium to improve the basic item to something more desirable:

1. Garage door opener, neither the motor assembly nor remotes

2. Ceiling fans

3. Garbage disposal

4. Window blinds

5. Window screens

6. Microwave oven

7. Stairs leading from second story deck to ground level

8. Exhaust to vent the range or cooktop out of the house

9. Small round toilets are often standard, buyers frequently opt to pay extra for elongated toilets

10. Where a concrete patio is provided it is usually very small, buyers often pay to upgrade to a more practical size