Four Reasons to Sell Your House Now!

House For Sale

Many people believe that the best time to attract buyers and sell a home is in spring or summer. Yes, those are good times to sell, but right now may be an even better time to sell. The following four reasons to sell your house now explain why.

Inventory is Low and There is Less Competition

Every year we get a flood of homes that come on the market right after spring break. Earlier in the year there aren’t as many homes on the market. So supply is lower early in the year, but demand is already high. This works in your favor. In the Atlanta market buyers come out and start looking for homes as early as January. Homes that are priced right and presented properly always sell quickly during the first quarter of the year.

Interest Rates Remain at Historic Lows

Conforming, FHA and Jumbo Loan rates are all under 4%. There hasn’t been a time in most people’s memory when mortgage interest has been as low as it is right now. Low interest rates are bringing out the buyers in full force! Rates may go up later in the year and slow the flow of buyers.

It’s a New Year with New Prices

In a healthy real estate market there is always a bell curve that shows that home sale prices start to rise in February. You don’t have to wait until June or July to get a high price for your home; prices are already on the upswing for the year!

New Regulations Will Slow the Home Sale Process Later This Year

New lending and settlement statement requirements are coming into play in August, and they are going to force the home sale process to take longer. We’re hearing that the 30 day closing, which is common in the Atlanta real estate market, may become a thing of the past. Our RE/MAX Around Atlanta attorney partners, Campbell & Brannon, tell us to expect closings to take 45 days or longer once the new rules take effect. We’ve been told that some lenders will transition their procedures sooner than August. Why not get your home sold now while the closing process is quicker and easier?

After reading these four reasons to sell your house now are you ready to get your house on the market? Inventory and rates are low, prices are rising, and the home sales process will become a little more complicated later this year. Now is the time!