The Seven Deadly House Selling Mistakes!

The Seven Deadly House Selling Mistakes!

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Selling your property effectively can be tricky business!  One wrong move can lose a potential buyer or cost you thousands of dollars.  Here are seven things you should avoid doing while trying to sell your home:

Mistake #1 — Pricing Your Property Too High.  It’s natural to want the most money for your property, but overpriced homes can take an unusually long time to sell!

Mistake #2 — Mistaking Re-finance Appraisals for the Market Value. Re-finance appraisals are often stated at a higher price than actual market value.  Ask your Realtor for the most recent information regarding property sales in your community.  This will give you an up-to-date and factually correct estimate of your property value.

Mistake #3 — Failing to “Showcase” Your Home.  When attempting to sell your home to prospective buyers, do not forget to make your home look as pleasant as possible.  Make necessary repairs, clean, and make sure everything functions, looks, and smells presentable!

Mistake #4 — Trying too “Hard Sell”.  Always allow prospective buyers to comfortably examine your property.  Don’t try haggling or forcefully selling.  Buyers are more likely to stick around if they feel comfortable and welcome.

Mistake #5 — Trying to Sell to “Looky-Loos”.  Buyers who do not come through a Realtor are often a good 6-9months away from buying.  They are usually more interested in seeing what’s out there than actually making a purchase.

Mistake #6 — Not Knowing Your Rights & Responsibilities.  Real estate contracts are legally binding documents that can often be complex and confusing.  A good Realtor will guide you through contracts and make sure you don’t agree to anything unusual or unfair.

Mistake #7 — Limiting Your Property’s Marketing and Exposure.  Your Realtor® should be committed to selling your property 7 days a week and employ a wide variety of marketing techniques.

A good real estate agent can guide you through the ins and outs of a successful home sale.