Five Simple Ways to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Larger

Five Simple Ways to Make a Tiny Bathroom Look Larger

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Are you stuck with a tiny bathroom? If you can’t afford a complete bathroom renovation, consider tweaking the space to make the room appear larger. Following are five space-expanding solutions to consider:

Paint Your Bathroom White. White fixtures set against white walls can make a room feel larger, as there are no blocks of color to interrupt your line of sight.

Opt for a Pedestal Sink and Floating Shelves. Removing your bathroom vanity can add extra inches without knocking down walls. Floating shelves force you to stay organized while giving your walls a light and airy feel.

Change Light Bulbs to White LED Bulbs. Warm-tone lights can make a room feel smaller, while cool white light can make your bathroom feel more expansive.

Maximize Your Wall Space with an Enlarged Mirror. Opting for a larger mirror not only reflects more light back into the room but also makes your walls seem longer.

Add a Clear Shower Curtain. Opaque curtains interrupt your view, making a small bathroom feel even smaller.

Making small adjustments can make your bathroom feel bigger without removing walls or installing pocket doors. Start with small changes and work your way up toward expensive home improvements. Your small space will feel larger, and you won’t have to suffer through a complete bathroom remodel.