Seven Reasons Why Summer Is a Great Time to Sell Your House

Seven Reasons Why Summer Is a Great Time to Sell Your House
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If your family has enlarged or the nest has emptied out, you may be thinking about selling your present home. A great first step is to talk to your real estate agent about necessary repairs, updates, or even about getting a home inspection. The price is well worth it to save yourself from headaches once your home is on the market. And if you’re thinking about selling, here are seven reasons why summer is a great time to do so:

1. Rental Costs Are Up
Rental costs are increasing, and people are realizing that mortgage payments are frequently lower than rent, which gives them no return at all.

2. Extra Cash on Hand
Many home buyers use the extra savings from their income tax refund to pay for some of the expenses involved with buying a new home, such as a home inspection.

3. School Is Out
Home buyers prefer moving before their children have to return to school in the fall. This is especially true when changing schools to avoid interruption in their kids’ classes.

4. Summertime Curb Appeal
Your home looks better in the summer. Flowers are in bloom, and green grass is everywhere. Take advantage of the season by planting flowers, grooming your lawn, and adding hanging plant pots on the porch.

5. Move-In Ready Homes Are Hot!
Turnkey homes are very desirable. If your home is ready for a family to move in right away, you have a chance at selling it quickly this summer.

6. Sunny Skies
Summer is a good time for people to move in to a new home because there is less bad weather to contend with and temperatures are more comfortable.

7. Outdoor Selling Points
People enjoy spending time outside in the summer. If your backyard has a patio and a spot for a grill, it’s a great selling point. Make sure your yard is looking its best.

It’s a great time to sell! If you’re interested in selling this summer, contact a local real estate agent and get your house on the market.