Three Steps to Deep Clean Your Hardwood Floors

Three Steps to Deep Clean Your Hardwood Floors

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The soft shine and natural patina of a clean and well-finished hardwood floor is inviting and adds beauty to any home. Keeping floors looking beautiful, especially if you have pets or kids, can be a challenge. Follow these three steps to properly care for your hardwood floors.

1. Vacuum Thoroughly
A thorough vacuuming will remove most of the grit and abrasive particles from the floor. Ideally, use a canister-type vacuum with a hardwood-floor attachment. If you must use an upright vacuum, raise the base to the highest setting to prevent the vacuum brushes from scratching your floor.

2. Pick Up the Dust
The next step is to go over the floor with disposable electrostatic sweeper sheets. Start at one corner and pull the sheets toward you, grabbing the dust that’s left over after vacuuming. When the sheet is dirty, flip it over and use the other side. Continue until the entire floor is cleaned.

3. Mop the Floor
If your floor manufacturer requires a specific cleaning solution, then use it as instructed. If not, then try Murphy Oil Soap, which is a good all-purpose cleaner. Or, it’s easy to make your own nontoxic cleaning solution by mixing one half cup of vinegar with one gallon of water. To begin mopping, start in one corner of the room and work backward, finishing one small area at a time. Too much water can damage hardwood, so it’s important to wring the mop damp-dry and pick up as much water as possible. Mop over the floor, scrubbing with the grain and in the direction of the boards. Rinse your mop often and change out the water when it’s dirty. Let the floor dry completely before allowing foot traffic.

An occasional deep clean will keep your floors gleaming, but for in-between maintenance, doing only the first two steps should be enough.