How to Find Original Artwork for Your Home on a Budget

How to Find Original Artwork for Your Home on a Budget

original artwork for your home

Art transforms a home, gives it character and beauty, and serves as a little window into the souls of the people who live there. The art you choose for your home should thrill and inspire you. Unfortunately, most of us don’t exactly have a budget for serious art collecting. Even posters and prints can get really expensive, especially once you factor in the framing. But all isn’t lost. There are a number of ways to procure original art for your home that don’t involve having to spend a ton of money.

The University Art Department
Colleges and universities in your town that have an art department probably also have student art shows and art sales, especially at the end of the semester. Haunting these events can net you some of your favorite art ever, and there’s always a chance you’ll end up with a piece by a future master.

A Talented Friend
We all have that friend who’s a great artist. If your artistic friend sells her art, why not buy or commission a piece? It’s always fun to have your friends’ artwork in your home. If she doesn’t sell it, ask her if she’d make something for you to buy anyway, or work up a trade of some sort.

The Monthly Art Walk
If your town has a thriving art scene, it probably has a monthly art walk where all the galleries and artists’ studios are open. These events can be art gold mines because you’re likely to stumble on some really great unknown artists who have undeniable talent, create stuff you love, and who don’t charge a lot for their work.

Etsy and Similar Sites
Online marketplaces for the artistic and crafty are all over the place, and you can find some wonderful art at reasonable prices.

Make It Yourself
Even if you’re not an artist, you’re probably perfectly capable of creating some pretty great art for your walls. Try your hand at drawing, painting, photography, or printmaking. You might surprise yourself and end up with a piece you love.

Frame Your Kids’ Art
It’s amazing how a frame can transform a child’s drawing into a work of art for the walls. Look for inexpensive frames at thrift stores and garage sales and frame your favorite pieces by your beloved.