Bathroom Design Trends That Will Rule in 2020

Bathroom Design Trends That Will Rule in 2020

bathroom design trends

Are you planning a bathroom renovation or adding a new bathroom in 2020? As you consider your options, take a look at these up-and-coming design trends:

1. Linear Design
What is linear design? Think layouts and fixtures that emphasize unbroken straight lines for an overall smooth and minimalistic look.

For example, floor and wall tiles that are large slabs rather than small squares and hexagons, with closely fitted seams and little-to-no visible grout. Or rectangular vanities with matching storage drawer hardware that is either recessed or long, skinny handles instead of round knobs. Also, shower enclosures that feature frameless glass, with or without doors.

Subtly rounded accents can add contrast. Consider a rectangular wall mirror with rounded corners; a wide, round showerhead; or a sleekly curved soaking tub.

2. Color Trends
Grays, blacks, and whites remain very popular as color schemes. This goes perfectly with the trend toward marble and marble-looking tile. White marble walls collect and reflect light, setting off dramatic dark gray fixtures. If you want more color, add pops of shades, like teal, pumpkin, or jade green, with changeable decor pieces and linens rather than incorporating them into the main decor.

3. High-Tech Toilets
Wall-hung toilets have become very popular and for good reason: They take up less space and are much easier to clean around and under than standard designs. High-tech features like seat-heating and motion-activated lighting are pricey luxury options. But even in the lower price ranges, features like dual flushing for water conservation have become standard.

4. Floating Vanities
Like wall-hung toilets, floating vanities are easier to clean under, and since they don’t touch the floor, there are fewer seams to collect bathroom grime. Storage can still be incorporated in the form of wide, deep drawers, in which you can use bins and dividers to organize.

5. Matte Hardware
Steer clear of shiny chrome and brass; matte black is where it’s at for sink and shower hardware. If you prefer a metallic look, opt for subtle shades like brushed nickel or pewter.

6. Natural Elements
The trend toward sleek, modern design could feel a little cold or sterile, so including natural elements provides a nice contrast and touch of warmth. Reclaimed old wood is popular for tub surrounds and vanities or for accessories like towel racks. Houseplants that thrive in a humid environment are another option. If you have windows with no line of sight for neighbors or passersby to look in, leave them unobstructed to invite in lots of natural light and allow you to contemplate the view.

7. Go Small
While master baths have grown larger, often with separate shower and tub installations, the trend toward compact fixture options means that you can make a small powder room or half-bath appear more spacious. Wall-hung toilets and open console sinks with narrow profiles can open up a small room, and even allow you to convert a tiny space like a closet into an extra bath, which can significantly raise your home’s future value. There are even toilets with integrated sinks to take up even less space!

An updated bathroom with a modern design can make a big difference when you decide to sell your home. So as you consider your bathroom renovation, explore the ways you can incorporate these on-trend design elements into your own design.