Benefits of Adding a Kitchen Island

Benefits of Adding a Kitchen Island

Kitchen islands continue to be a popular item in renovations and remodeling. They provide multiple benefits including a potentially higher home resale value and improved functionality. The size of coveted kitchen islands has grown over the years as more people realize their functional versatility in everyday life. If you’re considering adding a kitchen island during your remodel or renovation, consider these benefits to help you make the best choice:

Amenities: A kitchen island can give you space for food preparation, homework, business work, and so much more. You can add a second sink, additional stove, or even put in a wine cooler if you love entertaining. If you don’t want a permanent island, you can choose a moveable kitchen island that includes several custom amenities to meet your needs.

Seating: In-kitchen dining options make it faster and easier to get everyone fed. Placing stools up against an island gives your kitchen additional seating for meals, snacks, and work. For social occasions, the island seating provides a place for guests to mingle and to have easy access to food.

Storage: Adding a kitchen island is a great way to install needed storage in the kitchen. An island with shelves, drawers, and cabinetry provides all the space you need for food preparation and organization. Large cabinets in a kitchen island give you the perfect spot for larger pots, pans, and cooking necessities.

Prep Area: When your existing countertops are overflowing with appliances, a kitchen island provides the additional prep room you need to make meals. The added countertop space is the ideal spot to prepare food without having to move appliances, storage canisters, and other items that take up coveted surfaces. A kitchen island also provides the perfect serving location once you’re done with meal prep.

Value: Today’s home buyers want kitchen islands, so adding one can increase the value of your home. You have the potential to receive a 60 percent return on your investment when you sell your home after adding a kitchen island. Even if you don’t plan on selling your home, a kitchen island adds value with its functionality and improvements to your daily routine.

Adding a kitchen island as part of your home renovation or remodeling project has numerous benefits whether you remain in the home or not. Most high-end kitchens today feature a functional, stylish central island. Consult with a professional home remodeling expert to explore additional benefits of adding a kitchen island.