Three Helpful Tips for Listing Your Home over the Holidays

Three Helpful Tips for Listing Your Home over the Holidays


Most people think that the year’s end is a quiet period in the real estate calendar, so they hold off listing their homes until spring. But data released by ahead of last year’s festive season revealed a significant surge in online property searches around Black Friday. And December 28th was one of the busiest days for real estate searches in the entire year. Listing your home ahead of the celebrations can pay dividends!

Sellers who list their properties in November and December receive a serious amount of buyer interest over the holiday period. The reason: buyers have an extended period off work and use the long weekend to scout for homes. Plus, there’s less competition. Most sellers are too distracted by the holidays to list their home for sale, making you not having to work as hard to stand out from the crowd.

Buyers viewing properties in the year-end months tend to be highly motivated, including those with increased urgency, such as for tax purposes. And there’s no question that houses show better when they look charming—who can resist the cozy vibe of a festively decorated home?

If you’re planning on marketing your home to the massive pool of buyers who aren’t distracted by presents and parties, here are three tips for staging your home:

Don’t Overdo the Decorations
Some people think they have to stifle the holiday spirit if their home is on the market in November and December, but this is not true. Just keep it tasteful. Organic accents such as pumpkins, scented pinecones, candles, and evergreen wreaths bring the outside in and treat all the senses.

Keep Up the Curb Appeal
Pay close attention to your curb appeal during fall and winter, and be sure to keep the yard treated and clear of debris. Neat, well-kept gardens are attractive to buyers. Clear dying foliage, trim bushes, and ensure the garden looks tidy. If it’s alive, clip it; if it’s dead, trash it!

Home Staging Hints
The cardinal rules of home staging still apply, so arrange your decor to make your home look light and airy. Space sells, so make sure your decorations don’t overpower your room, and keep color palettes simple to accentuate noteworthy room features. Remember, buyers need to appreciate your home beyond the decorations.