Curb Appeal Speaks Volumes to Homebuyers

Curb Appeal Speaks Volumes to Homebuyers

curb appeal

A first impression of a home from the outside is called “curb appeal.” Your home has one, and it’s either good, bad, or ho-hum. Don’t settle for ho-hum, though. Make your house scream, “Buy me!”

Great curb appeal entices potential buyers to look inside. It increases perceived value, and if done well, can give you the edge over a similar home on the market. Take the time to check your home against the following suggestions to help improve its curb appeal.

Transform Your Home
Say goodbye to your home as you know it. Transform it into a house buyers can imagine as theirs. No matter how much you like the purple garage doors, garden gnomes, or whirligigs, it’s time for a change.

Consult paint store staff for outdoor on-trend colors and repaint as needed. Put away garden accessories, bicycles, and toys. Park vehicles in the garage or off-site. Hide trash bins and anything that makes the house look lived-in.

Tackle Touch-Ups
Repair and clean gutters, garage doors, siding, porches, windows, doors, leaky faucets, fences, gates, and lights. Have driveway or sidewalk cracks filled. Replace loose shingles. Replace rusty mailboxes, tarnished doorknobs, and insufficient house numbers. Clean up pet droppings, repair damaged grass, and store the dog house. Trim, remove, or replace overgrown trees and plants.

Add More Impact
Edge flower beds with sweeping curved lines and top with mulch. Plant groups of bright flowers close together for powerful impact. Add elegance with urns overflowing with greenery or potted topiaries. Keep the lawn green and trimmed.

Primp Your Patio
Add furnishings to your porch or patio if there’s adequate space, staying consistent with the season and the home’s style—modern touches for contemporary; garden bench, wrought iron, or wicker for traditional. Coordinate colors with outdoor finishes and indoor decor.

Light Up Your Buyer’s Life
Accelerate interest from passersby with the lights on, which says, “We’re expecting you.” Create ambiance with landscape lighting or spotlights to light a path or accent the home’s architecture. Do not put house numbers in dark, shadowy paths or hidden doorways. Turn pool lights on.