Five Tips to Grow a Successful Container Garden

Five Tips to Grow a Successful Container Garden

container garden

Growing your own garden will reward you with fresh, organic produce throughout the summer months. The following tips will help you create a small-space container garden with minimal frustration.

1. Drainage Is key. Improper drainage will drown your plants. If you buy small or medium containers, make sure the drainage holes are at least 1/2 inch in diameter. Larger containers should have at least a 1-inch drainage hole. If a container doesn’t have enough drainage, use a drill to make more holes.

2. Plants Need Fertilizer. Commercial potting soil does not provide enough nutrients for plants growing in containers. To keep your plants healthy you’ll need to periodically add a fertilizer when you water them. An organic liquid fertilizer that has a mixture of seaweed and fish emulsion is effective.

3. Check Daily Sunshine. Some gardeners, particularly novices, underestimate the number of hours of full sun available each day. Monitor your garden area for several days to determine how many hours of sun it receives each day.

4. Pair Your Plants. If you plan to grow more than one type of plant in a single container, make sure each plant has similar light and moisture requirements. Also, keep in mind that large plants with broad leaves can starve surrounding plants from light. You want the best harvest possible, so consult with someone at your local greenhouse to help you pair your plants.

5. Save Your Tags. If you plan to grow several types of vegetables, it’s difficult to remember which plants need full sun, partial sun, or full shade. It’s a good idea to clip off the plant tags and store them in a secure place so that you can refer to the tags throughout the growing season.