Seven Functional Updates to Make Your Kitchen More Efficient

Seven Functional Updates to Make Your Kitchen More Efficient


If your kitchen could use some updating, consider these functional upgrades that make your kitchen a more efficient workspace and give it a beautiful new look.

1. New Faucet – Modernize your kitchen by replacing your faucet. Don’t just settle for something basic. Try something that’s designed for adding convenience, like a faucet that also functions as a pullout sprayer. Or, maybe you want a high-tech faucet you can turn on or off with the wave of your hand. Faucet finishes are available in stainless steel, chrome, bronze, and many other finishes, so you’re sure to find a fabulous fit for your kitchen.

2. Pot Filler – If you cook large dinners for family and friends, then nothing beats the convenience of having a pot-filler faucet right over your range. Select a finish to match the sink faucet or choose a bold finish that stands out (it’s on-trend right now to mix and match several different metal finishes in the kitchen).

3. Pull Handles and Knobs – Change out the hardware on your cabinetry to instantly give your kitchen a new look. Match the finish of your handles and knobs to your faucet, or select a contrasting color or finish.

4. Pendant Lighting – Install two or three pendant lights over your kitchen island to give your space a chic, modern look. For a small kitchen, choose slender pendants that won’t overwhelm the space. For a large kitchen, select a more substantial design that will serve as a focal point.

5. Under-Cabinet Lighting – Highlight your countertops and provide extra lighting with under-cabinet lights. These lights add a lovely, soft glow to your kitchen and help boost kitchen brightness, making reading labels and recipes easier on the eyes.

6. Utensil Rack – Kitchen tasks go faster when everything is within reach. Install a utensil rack under a cabinet or above your range. Place hooks along the center rod. Hang your most frequently used utensils on the hooks so you won’t waste time rifling through cluttered drawers the next time you need to find your favorite ladle.

7. Pot Rack – Hanging a decorative rack for your pots is an on-trend look for modern kitchens that frees up cabinet space and saves you time searching through your cabinets for the right-size pot. Pot racks are available in many different sizes and finishes, so shop around to find the perfect match for your kitchen.

If you have a hard time deciding on styles or finishes for your upgrades, it’s helpful to look in magazines or online for beautiful kitchens that you can use as inspiration.