These Three Space Savers Help Corral Clutter

These Three Space Savers Help Corral Clutter


If you’ve run out of places to put your things, then it’s smart to invest in some new storage options to help corral the clutter and keep your home organized. Consider these three space-saving items.

Under-Bed Storage
Utilizing the space under your bed as storage is perfect for items you don’t use very often. Plastic containers that slide under the bed are great for storing out-of-season shoes, bags, and clothes. If your bed is too low to the ground to put things underneath, consider getting a bed riser to lift it. Many bed risers come with outlets, so you can easily charge your electronic devices near your bed.

Over-the-Door Organizer
Keeping your footwear in an organizer on the floor takes up precious floor space. Be creative and get yourself an over-the-door organizer. This wonder tool will make choosing shoes easier. You can even use some pockets to hold items like T-shirts, umbrellas, and small bags.

Double-Purpose Ottoman
If you love stuff that serves many purposes, you’ll adore a storage ottoman. When visitors drop in, the ottoman functions as a comfortable seat and provides storage for extra items like blankets and pillows. You can even transform it into a coffee table by putting a pretty wood or metal tray on top.